A little bit about me! Over the last 7 years I have dipped my toes in and out of the blogging industry here in Ireland - I struggled to find my feet as the industry consistently changes here. It had become so focused on personalities, numbers, following and the latest trends that they are all the very reasons I fell out of love with it. For me my blog has always been my passion project, it was my happy place on the internet where I could share what I loved, what inspires me and people I admire! To me I feel like social media changed it slightly and it became more of a popularity contest rather than demonstrating peoples passions. Everyone is constantly trying to get their hands on the latest pieces instead of peoples they simply just love. I felt people stopped investing in their personal style and uniqueness and I think more than anything, that is what turned me! 

It was then I decided I wanted a change, I took a massive step back and re-evaluated what I wanted and where I wanted to go with my online life! I enjoy expressing how I feel through my looks, I don't look for validation for my outfits and I have always wanted to inspire people through styling. I like investing in staple pieces for my wardrobe while also mix and matching high street brands, it's all about how you were pieces not where they are from, which is why I wanted to start a new blog, in my own name so you can get to know the real me, my authentic style and what motivates me. Over the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands and have been given some incredible opportunities so now I am excited for what the future holds as my truest self! 

To get in touch, please email: niamhwebbor@gmail.com

Welcome to my new online space - I hope you enjoy your time here XOX

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